JMMS Engineering

JMMS Tooling Engineering and Design for Dies and Molds

As OEMs recognize the strategic value of tooling, more of them are referring JMMS to their Tier base. We're a Tier One vendor in multiple industries, with a mature, proven tooling engineering process that can handle close tolerances.

Our engineering and design for dies and molds plays a critical role in meeting OEM quality benchmarks and improving manufacturability.

APQP for automotive OEMs and the Tier base

JMMS tooling engineering and design for dies and molds is a defined, documented process, relying on close communication with your engineers and attentive project management. We provide total program management for forming plastic and non-ferrous components.

Our tooling engineers have extensive, industry-specific experience in solving part and production problems. We use Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) guidelines to ensure that our dies and molds produce parts meet OEM quality benchmarks and lead time requirements, while delivering a superior return on the Tier vendor’s tooling investment.

The appearance, cycle time and dimensional
stability you need

The JMMS tag on the tool specifies that it will meet your specifications for quality (design, workmanship and materials), cycle time and dimensional stability. We start with your baseline specifications, working with your engineers to optimize part design, tooling design and tool making.

Our cradle-to-grave Cimatron 13.0 platform supports concurrent engineering with your engineers and JMMS engineers in Easley, South Carolina and Dong Guan, China.

Learn more about JMMS design and engineering for dies and molds — contact Rich Martin, JMMS Business Development Manager, at 864.855.0450 or email.