Rapid Prototyping and Concurrent Engineering

JMMS Rapid Prototyping and Concurrent Engineering

JMMS engineers and toolmakers have extensive, industry-specific experience with rapid prototyping and low-volume productions runs. We use both CNC and non-CNC technologies and have Cimatron 13.0 shop floor terminals, to connect our toolmakers with our engineers and yours.

This tight integration of engineering and tool making supports the concurrent engineering that speeds product development and lowers your tooling development costs (a key value add, given the short lead times OEMs expect from their Tier base). We develop our prototype tooling early in our design process, to analyze part quality and assess material shrinkage and dimensional accuracy.

Our prototyping process replicates proposed final production tooling as closely as possible.

The quality you need with faster development

Our prototyping replicates final proposed production tooling as closely as is practical. We aim to optimize early, as this lowers development costs and cuts your tooling lead times.

JMMS engineers use Finite Element analysis to guide our prototyping — we model parts, load them with multiple forces and analyze part performance and stress concentrations.

Learn more about the JMMS rapid prototyping and concurrent engineering — contact Rich Martin, JMMS Business Development Manager, at 864.855.0450 or email.