Quality Management System

The JMMS Tool Making Quality Management System

We work with global OEMs and their Tier vendors, so we understand the need for dies and molds that produce standardized, consistent, repeatable parts quality.

Our ISO-registered quality management system (QMS) includes a corrective action system based on 8D, the team-based approach to quality assurance that uses short-term corrective actions, root cause analysis and permanent corrective actions.

Take a closer look with a QA audit

We welcome customer QA audits, with on-site auditors examining our quality systems corrective actions and metrics.

Our quality assurance manager keeps our process documentation current and accessible, to support the standardized, consistent, repeatable quality you expect from your dies and molds.

The JMMS Quality Management System provides the transparency you need to monitor progress on your tooling.

More flexibility in tooling maturation and optimization

The JMMS Cimatron 13.0 design, engineering and manufacturing platform integrates our engineers and toolmakers with your engineers, for clear communications, focused concurrent engineering and a tight grip on QA.

We can access all procedures online, making incremental improvements in quality while cutting our lead times. Enhanced communications give you more flexibility in your maturation and optimization — you can monitor work in progress, review data in real time and share drawings with JMMS engineers in South Carolina and Dong Guan.

Learn more about the JMMS tool making quality management system — contact Rich Martin, JMMS Business Development Manager, at 864.855.0450 or email.