JMMS Tooling for
OEM Electronics

JMMS maintains an active portfolio of tooling for OEM electronics. Our ongoing industry involvement keeps us current with the best practices you need for your tooling investments.

We offer total program management for plastics tooling, specializing in engineering thermoset injection molds to handle the abrasives in thermoset plastics (we use H13 hardened steel for mold cavities, hard-chrome plating them to withstand wear). We make tooling for:

  • Electric and gas meters
  • Gas meter housings
  • Thermoset breakers, busways and arc shields
  • Thermoplastic breaker housings, switches and buttons

If you need tooling for short production runs, we also provide the rapid prototyping, concurrent engineering and short lead times for the agility that electronics contract manufacturing requires. Our engineers work on both part and mold optimization, reducing material usage and improving cycle times to meet your quality and production requirements.

The advantages of total program management

Working with JMMS as your single-source tooling provider adds value and cuts lead times. We begin with an assessment of your parts, materials and volume requirements, looking to optimize your manufacturing and lower the total cost of ownership for your tooling.

We offer industrial design capabilities to reverse engineer parts or develop a 3D database from a product drawing. Our documented process covers design and development, prototype to production tool quantities and maturation and optimization (we can also support your operations and tooling maintenance and repair).

We make tooling for OEM electronics and electronics contract manufacturing, along with the ISO-registered, documented compliance you need for every phase of your mold lifespan.

Dedicated maintenance for a lower TCO

We provide preventive maintenance, repairs and modifications for our molds and tooling from other suppliers. These services extend the life of your tooling for a lower total cost of ownership and include:

  • On-site support and troubleshooting for in-house maintenance
  • Pickup and delivery
  • In-house welding, heat treating and stress relieving
  • Mold-spotting presses
  • Scheduled fast-turn service to minimize downtime
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Learn more about JMMS tooling for OEM electronics — contact Rich Martin, JMMS Business Development Manager, at 864.855.0450 or email.