JMMS Tooling for
Lawn & Garden OEMs

We maintain ongoing relationships with lawn & garden OEMs and their Tier vendors, specializing in zinc/aluminum die casting for transaxles and drive systems, as well as injection molding for tractor grilles, lenses and dashboards.

Our design experience spans minor parts to complex mechanical assemblies and automated equipment.

Total program management for dies and molds

We have the single-source capabilities you need for more accountability and responsiveness in your tooling partner. Our molds and dies both move through the JMMS advanced quality planning process, which guides our design validation, rapid prototyping and concurrent engineering, PPAP and multi-year production.

JMMS provides the communication, collaboration and project management to integrate our engineers and toolmakers with your production engineers. We’ll work side by side with you site, reviewing your tryout data and optimizing part design and your tooling to reduce materials, lower cycle times and improve quality.

We follow best practices in part design, focusing on reduced wall thickness to minimize injection and cool time, proper radial corner design to minimize stress concentrations and fractures, and draft angles to improve part removal from the die.

Our tooling for appliances and white goods produce die cast motor housings and bases, and molded components for appliance and white goods.

We offer part design assistance to help reduce weight for more fuel efficiency.

Meet OEM quality benchmarks with a lower TCO

JMMS supports your customer QA while lowering your total cost of ownership for tooling. Our ISO-registered, documented QA controls every phase of your mold and die lifespan:

  • Design and development
  • Prototype to production quantities
  • Design maturation and optimization
  • Operation
  • Maintenance, repair and overhaul

Located to serve Southeastern lawn & garden OEMs

Our headquarters in Easley, SC positions us for fast on-site service and lower freight costs for Southeastern manufacturers (we build and ship tooling across the country). Our dedicated maintenance operation completes our total program management, providing preventive maintenance, repairs and modifications for molds and dies (ours and tooling from other suppliers).

Total program management for
Die Casting and Metals Tooling

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Total program management for
Plastic Injection Molding

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Total program management for
Design and Engineering

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Learn more about JMMS tooling for lawn & garden OEMs — contact Rich Martin, JMMS Business Development Manager, at 864.855.0450 or email.