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JMMS Injection Mold Design & Engineering

Optimized part and mold design for better quality, faster cycle times and more production capacity

JMMS can help you increase output without re-engineering production lines.  Our production optimization process includes part design, mold design, mold materials and injection molding conditions/parameters.  In addition to part optimization, we can engineer conformal cooling into your molds, add Cavity Pressure Transducers (CPTs) where appropriate, and work with alternative materials that transfer heat more efficiently to reduce cycle times. 

We use these materials in our hybrid tooling, combining them with conformal cooling design and CPTs for more precise metering and material injection. 


CPT technologies for measuring pressure and temperature in a wide range of molds.

JMMS works closely with technology partners offering cavity pressure transducers to optimize production, from low-pressure structural foam molding to high-pressure thermoset and thermoplastic molding.  The ability to monitor temperature and pressure help you control the two key process variables, ensuring properly metered flow and delivery for complete mold fillout.

These closed-loop systems combine superior dimensional control with the durability for virtually infinite cycles, to reduce downtime and maintenance costs.  We can show you the advantages of CPT technology in mold flow simulations with our Cimatron E12 system, to demonstrate the value of direct measurement and added control.


A 20-30% increase in production volumes due to shorter cycle times.

We have extensive experience with alternative materials that offer better thermal conductivity and greater strength than traditional tool steels.  JMMS plastic injection mold designs made with highly engineered alternative materials offer a 20-30% increase in production volumes.  These alternative materials also help improve dimensional control of plastic parts, while offering superior durability and corrosion resistance.  Tools using this “hybrid approach” and alternative materials require a greater capital investment, but yield a dramatically accelerated return on investment for high-volume parts.

Alternative materials can result in higher tooling costs, but they dramatically improve your return on investment for high-volume parts. JMMS engineers can also help improve dimensional control of plastic parts, while offering superior durability and corrosion resistance (a hybrid tool we engineered early in 2012 removed 2 lbs. of plastic from the product and reduced cycle time by thirty seconds).

For more information on JMMS injection mold design and engineering, our approach to hybrid tooling, and how we can support your manufacturing optimization, contact Rich Martin, JMMS Business Development Manager, at 864.855.0450 or email us.

JMMS Injection Molding Design and Engineering

JMMS engineers have a proven ability to increase production volumes with lower material requirements, faster cooling and shorter cycle times.

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