JMMS Thermoplastic Injection Molds

Our total program management for thermoplastic injection molding tooling includes design and engineering, tool making and maintenance. We also have extensive experience with hybrid tooling, meeting OEM quality benchmarks and cycle time requirements with advanced engineering and materials.

JMMS engineers focus both on part and mold optimization, reducing material usage and cycle times while improving dimensional stability. We offer proven ways to add quality and value to your injection molding:

  • Optimized gate style and location
  • Conformal cooling for increased thermal capacity
  • Adding cavity pressure transducers to cut cycle times and improve material flow and delivery
  • Optimized part design for cleaner ejection and more dimensional control

Hybrid tooling for a lower TCO

Looking at thermoplastic injection molds made with aluminum? Talk to us about hybrid tooling — it's a proven, robust solution that combines materials for specific performance and production characteristics:

  • Aluminum inserts for faster heat transfer and shorter cycle times
  • MoldMax shut-offs for better thermal conductivity (a copper beryllium alloy with higher density than traditional tool steels)
  • P20 support system for mold durability and ease of maintenance

Our hybrid tools accelerate prototyping and low-volume production in your thermoplastic injection molding. It also offers the durability you need for multi-year production, with no increase in preventive maintenance requirements compared to P20 tools.

JMMS has extensive experience with hard-chrome plating H13 hardened steel, to handle the abrasives in thermoset plastics.

Fixed insert for the core side, made with MoldMax to ensure localized cooling for deep ribs.

Our engineering focuses on part and mold optimization, to reduce material usage and improve cycle times.

The cavity-side mold base, made with P20 for durability.

Core insert showing lifter pockets.

Thermoplastic injection molding tooling for:

Appliances/white goods (washers and dryers, refrigerators, freezers and countertop appliances)
  • Molded agitators and mechanical components
  • Molded refrigerator components
    • Crisper drawers
    • Bins
  • Grills
  • Trim pieces
  • Icemaker components
  • Air deflection components
  • Molded components for countertop appliances (microwaves, mixers and blenders)
    • Housings
    • Trim pieces
Automotive OEMs and Tier vendors
  • Fender retention components
  • Exterior trim
  • Grills
  • Interior trim
  • Cockpit pillars
  • Release handles
  • Seating components
  • Covers
  • Rail covers
  • Foot covers
  • Shields
  • Black functional components
Lawn & garden
  • Tractor grills, lenses and dashboards
  • Engine hoods and dashes
  • Chute guards
  • Deflector shields
  • Bagging components
OEM electronics
  • Thermoplastic breaker housings, switches and buttons
Power tools
  • Plastic housings and casings
  • Housing and handle sets for hand tools
  • Blade guards
  • Drill noses
  • Plastic covers for keyless chucks
  • Router housings
  • Motor mounts

When an automotive OEM told its Tier One vendors to switch to aluminum tooling, JMMS was ready with a hybrid tooling solution.

Read how we developed hybrid tooling for an automotive Tier One vendor.

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Learn more about JMMS thermoplastic injection molds — contact Rich Martin, JMMS Business Development Manager, at 864.855.0450 or email.