Part to Print Dimensional Analysis

JMMS Part to Print Dimensional Analysis — Validation

JMMS engineers have the experience and technologies to meet your dimensional analysis requirements, including advanced 3D metrology tools to inspect and analyze component dimensions.

We can provide data reporting in your choice of format and perform inspections to a print or CAD model.  JMMS engineers have the CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) technology to handle measurements, with extensive experience in dimensional analysis for initial samples, annual inspections and capability studies.

Our part to print dimensional analysis includes the following capabilities:

  • Large or small parts
  • Parts with no fixtures
  • Damage repair checks
  • Mold validation
  • Mold wear studies

Part-to-print dimensional analysis assesses results of initial sample runs and supports annual inspections and capabilities.

Engineering higher quality into your tooling

This analysis is a critical tool in our QA and single-source capabilities.  Shrinkage & warpage analysis, part design assistance and mold flow analysis give you the documented compliance with your specifications, while reducing lead times and lowering the total cost of ownership for your tooling.

JMMS engineers factor this analysis into our tooling design, to make sure your tools produce the high-quality parts you need, with the minimum materials required and shorter cycle times for improved production volumes.

With the Cimatron 13.0 platform integrating JMMS engineers in Easley, South Carolina and Dong Guan, China, we can give you the support you need on your program development.  JMMS engineers have the industry-specific experience you need, plus the ability to accelerate design and engineering, and reduce lead times.

Learn more about the JMMS part to print dimensional analysis — contact Rich Martin, JMMS Business Development Manager, at 864.855.0450 or email.