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  • Tooling engineers experienced in concurrent engineering
  • State-of-the-art CAD CAM platform
  • Build/modifications/service for molds up to 30,000 lbs.
  • Proven experience in injection molding for complex mechanical assemblies
  • Asian tool making operation for competitive baseline pricing

Engineering more quality and a better return on investment into your injection molding

JMMS single-source capabilities cover the total lifecycle management of your injection mold tooling, combining design, concurrent engineering, lights-out manufacturing and maintenance services. We specialize in plastic injection molding. Our injection molding experience runs from minor parts to complex mechanical assemblies (we design, engineer and build molds up to 30,000 lbs., with the ability to produce cores and cavities with speed and precision).

JMMS engineers can work with your tooling engineers or as part of our single-source capabilities for injection molding. JMMS is “cradle to grave” on Cimatron E12, a robust design, engineering and manufacturing platform. Our engineering colleagues in Dong Guan, China have been trained and certified on the system, and we’ve added new shop floor terminals in South Carolina. 


JMMS has deep, industry-specific experience with the following injection molding, blow molds and transfer molds:


The support and flexibility you need during the mold optimization process

Our investments in training, new technologies and platform upgrades give our customers’ engineers more support and flexibility in the mold maturation and optimization process. You can monitor work in progress, review data in real time and share drawings with JMMS engineers in South Carolina and Dong Guan. JMMS “follow the sun engineering” delivers twice as much engineering in a given 24 hours, for faster operational tempos and shorter lead times—ours are down 20% since 2009.


JMMS engineering delivers a turnkey mold package

We have extensive experience in a range of industries, following an ISO-certified process to deliver turnkey mold packages, ready for the PPAP approval process. We work closely with parts designers on part and mold optimization, meeting designer surface requirements for molds and delivering tooling that makes the specified part at the specified cycle time.

The JMMS tag on the tool warrants the mold for appearance (design, workmanship and materials), cycle time and dimensional stability. JMMS molds can be warrantied for up to 1 million shots, depending on our history with the customer and a documented preventive maintenance regime. All JMMs molds are delivered as part of a package with 2D and 3D drawings.

You can read more about our total program management for injection molding in this section. To discuss your injection molding requirements, contact Rich Martin, JMMS Business Development Manager, at 864.855.0450 or email us.

JMMS Injection Molding and Plastic Tooling

JMMS specializes in hybrid tooling with alternative materials, combining these materials with optimized design and technologies like cavity pressure transducers for shorter cycle times and better dimensional control of plastic parts.


Total program management for injection molding

  • Injection molding design and engineering
    • Part design assistance
    • Part to print dimensional analysis
    • Prototyping/concurrent engineering
    • "Follow the sun" engineering
  • Injection molding manufacturing
    • Extrusion blow molding
    • Thermoplastic injection molding
    • Thermoset injection & compression/transfer molding
    • Low-pressure injection structural foam molding
  • Injection molding maintenance and repair services
    • Preventive service, repair and modifications
    • On-site support for in-house maintenance
    • Pickup and delivery with JMMS truck fleet
    • In-house welding, heat treating and stress relieving
    • Mold spotting presses
    • Scheduled service with quick turn to minimize downtime
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